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14 Work From Home Medical Coding and Billing Jobs


Would you like to work from home in an occupation that is in high demand? Do the medical and healthcare fields interest you? Then perhaps a work from home medical coding and billing job is your calling. 

To work as a medical coder and biller, you’ll need to have familiarity with health information management (HIM), medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and medical record coding, and you should be detail-oriented.

Most employers require billers to obtain a professional coding certification. Fortunately, certification is possible in a matter of 4-12 months with online training available.

While experience in the medical field isn’t required, if you’ve worked in healthcare before, becoming a coding and billing specialist is a great way to apply your skills and knowledge with the flexibility of working from home.

What is Medical Coding and Billing?

Every time a doctor interacts with a patient, a code is assigned to their action. Physical exams, lab tests, procedures, and treatments are all assigned a code. These numeric codes are called “Current Procedural Terminology” or CPT codes. Each diagnosis is also coded with the “International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems” or ICD-10 code. This universal numeric language ensures that doctors, healthcare providers, and insurance companies use consistent terminology and codes.

Your job as a medical coder and biller is to review the charting done by the doctor, nurse, or medical specialist and ensure that it goes onto a “bill” or form submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement. Some coders check for accuracy and overlapping codes, while others focus on insurance regulations and billing requirements. Medical billers and coders must keep up with ever-changing codes and evolving information in the healthcare industry. Medical billing specialists help prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and errors within the medical industry by ensuring patients and insurance companies are invoiced correctly.

How Much Do Medical Coders and Billers Earn?

Medical billers and coders are in demand! According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics