Acura ZDX returning as brand’s first EV


Acura didn’t offer any preview imagery of the new ZDX, but it did say it will share styling with the Precision EV Concept shown earlier today. It’s apparently being designed in the same California design center that gave us the original ZDX. Though if it looks much like the Precision, this new ZDX probably won’t have the distinct coupe-like shape of the original.

The EV will launch in 2024 along with the Prologue and Blazer EV. Honda-developed EVs will follow in 2026. The Blazer will start around $45,000 for the cheapest version, and around $66,000 for the top-level one. We would bet the Acuras are on the high side of that range, with the Type S possibly topping the Blazer SS models.

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