Local SEO Training Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 417


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00:00 Announcement

04:42 Hey guys having some success with an affiliate niche on my established brand website and want to go big the semantic mastery way and dominate the niche. Thinking of picking up some good domains with backlinks in the category and setup a group of masher sites with Damon nelsons tool. How would you go about having them support the main site without leaving footprints with same affiliate links etc. My concern is because these are automated sites wont be approved easily by the networks while my main brand site will. Any advice would be awesome thanks as always!

08:25 Hey Bradley, as you are the expert for AI SEO content writing, what do you think of Neuronwriter (its on appsumo right now)

15:16 how would you approach total SEO domination of the serps for local and affiliate niche SEO?

19:21 Hey Bradley Good day sir Any suggestions on a good place to pick up proxies from? Thanks

21:48 In “The Process” training on silo structure, you explain Simple, Complex and “Tag Silos” the later being recommendation for local services. Magic Page Plugin doesn’t use tags. Not sure if it uses categories or posts in the structure but what is the silo structure created by Magic Page Plugin? Is it Simple Silo and can I easily mirror its silo structure elsewhere? Thanks!!

29:23 How do you handle keyword tracking and client reporting. Was thinking of getting seranking but like datastudio as you can pull in more data for a holistic overview. Would like to see gsc, ga and gmb stats but also monitor some strategic keywords. Any tips or suggestions?

32:18 I’m working with a WP site for a client in a technical niche that has no local 3 Pack. I’m using State and City pages and the pages are indexing and getting ranked rapidly. Ranking takes 1 – 3 days using IndexMeNow and ranking in about 3 to 7 days after indexing. I’m adding technical and location information for each city page. Should these “pages’ really be “posts” so they can be listed in the site feed and picked up by our syndication network? Also, should I be using Subdomains for each state? Thanks.

37:52 I am interested in a domain that’s in auction, the site is in Spanish (was a Peruvian company), can I use the power of the site to rank in Mexico?

38:28 What’s best to use for a multilingual website, subdomain or directory (ex. ukseocom or seocom/uk?

44:35 ​You mentioned “Open AI” or something like that as one of your favorite tools on a recent video. What was that again?

46:31 ​Not sure if you’ve beat this horse to death, but can you give your thoughts on URL structure for a multi service, multi location business?

57:30 since we’re on that slug topic: assuming a domain doesn’t have the city name, do you include the city name in the url slug of a service page? ex. abcdotcom / city-roof-repair


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