2 truckloads of dead Russian soldiers removed from building


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have carried out a strike on a building where up to 500 Russian military personnel were deployed; two truckloads of Russian soldiers killed in the strike have been removed from the building.

Source: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook

Quote: “It has been confirmed that [Ukraine’s] defence forces have struck a cluster of Russian occupation forces in Kherson Oblast.

A high-precision strike on a building in the vicinity of Dnipriany where up to 500 occupation soldiers were deployed has been struck as a result of a high-precision attack.”

Details: Following the strike, Russian forces took two truckloads of dead soldiers to the city of Tavriisk.

In addition, 56 soldiers with severe injuries have been hospitalised in the nearest hospital; 16 of them died in hospital. Final information regarding Russia’s total losses has yet to be confirmed.

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