INDI One – a car with a built-in supercomputer [ Blockchain technology] #YouDoYou #EV


Introducing the INDI one, a car with a built in supercomputer.
INDI ONE is an all-electric vehicle designed and developed by iNDI EV (Independent Electric Vehicles) company.
It is a five-seater crossover sedan. It is all-wheel drive with dual motors inside of it able to pump out 410 Horsepower. From zero to 60 time of five and a half seconds and a top speed of 130 miles per hour with the range of 300 miles.

The adoption of BLOCKCHAIN Technology :

INDI cars are equipped with Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC) which has the ability to act as a node for the Blockchain. All cars that will be produced and sold will create the blockchin. This will enable every user, driver and owner to benefit from all transactions occurring in the blockchain.

INDI ONE Features and Specifications –



Transmission Type : AUTOMATIC

Seating Capacity : 5

Battery : 95 KILOWATT

Range : 300 MILES

INDI ONE Launch:

Pre-order Open : QUARTER ONE OF 2022

Expected Delivery : QUARTER ONE OF 2023

INDI ONE Estimated Price : MSRP 45000 DOLLARS



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