Google Local Reviews Show Bar Representing Positive Vs. Unfavorable Mentions


Google lets you dive into some of the reviews on a business listing, so if you say show me the reviews of the bar in a hotel, Google will let you do that. Now, when you do that, Google will add a bar that shows you the positive versus unfavorable mentions of that bar in that venue.

Christina LeVasseur (Brodzky) I believe was the first to spot this and she posted this screenshot on Twitter. I have to be honest, my gut is telling me this is not new but I cannot find any mention of this feature in my archives (maybe I forgot how to search) – so I decided to cover it.

Here is the screenshot:

click for full size

Now, I can replicate it, and so can almost everyone else, which tells me this is fully live and has been live for a while.

Here are more screenshots:

Again, this is a super nice way to see reviews.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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