Real Estate, Cryptocurrency, & Blockchain Technology with Lee Bratcher


Welcome to the second episode of The Path Forward with Dr. Rick Fernandez, co-hosted by Ben Wiggins, Host of the Mays MasterCast, and joined by Lee Bratcher, Founder of The Texas Blockchain Council.

Today’s discussion includes topics of Blockchain technology, blockchain integration with real estate and cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s effect on Local Government, and how to navigate different cryptocurrencies. Listen as Lee Bratcher shares his experience and expertise discovering blockchain and how it can benefit communities . Please take a moment to like, comment, and subscribe!

We appreciate you being here with us, and stay tuned for Part 2 of our conversation with Lee Bratcher.

Time Stamps:

(0:00 – 1:50) Intro
(1:32 – 3:55) Getting into Blockchain Technology
(3:56 – 6:23) Understanding the Crypto industry
(6:24 – 11:00) How Blockchain relates to real estate
(11:01 – 14:50) Public vs Private market Real Estate
(14:51 – 17:35) Promoting Education
(17:36 – 20:14) Defining Blockchain
(20:15 – 23:54) Supplying jobs through Education
(23:55 – 25:21) Bitcoin mining and Local Government
(25:22 – 26:07) MiamiCoin
(26:08 – 28:02) How partnerships affect School Bonds
(28:03 – 30:12) Lee Bratcher’s childhood dream job
(30:13 – 31:13) External threats to Blockchain
(31:14 – 32:51) Different types of Cryptocurrency
(32:52 – 33:09) Stay tuned for Part 2 of our conversation with Lee Bratcher


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