This underwater $65 million garage could be the world’s most beautiful parking deck — and it will never see a single car


Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

The city has shared videos of the process of building the new structure that took four years to complete.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

  • An underwater bicycle garage has opened in Amsterdam, and it offers 7,000 spaces for bikes.

  • Construction on the new structure began in 2019 and cost $65 million.

  • Amsterdam is the fifth most bike-friendly city in the world, according to analysis by an insurance company.

On Thursday, Amsterdam opened its $65 million bicycle parking garage to the public after taking four years to complete the structure.

Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

Mark Wagenbuur of the Dutch Cycling Embassy toured the underwater facility on Wednesday and shared photos to Twitter.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

The massive project will fit 6,300 personal bikes and 700 shareable bikes with plans to expand to fit 11,000 bikes when a second garage opens in February, according to a report from The Verge.

Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

To enter, citizens must have a bicycle tag or a OV-chipkaart – a Dutch transportation pass that’s connected to a bank account.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

The garage is located under the city’s Centraal Station where an estimated 200,000 travelers arrive daily via rail and subway. The Verge reports that half of them also use bicycles.

Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

To park in the garage, people can enter via a street-level bike path that leads to the above-ground entrance.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

As part of a pilot program, Amsterdam residents can use shared bikes to travel to and from public transportation hubs in the city until June, according to the city’s official website.

bikes at Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

Amsterdam was ranked the fifth most bike-friendly city in the world, according to data gathered by insurance company Luko.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

Read more about the shared bikes here.

Using the garage is free for the first 24 hours and costs €1.35 for each day that follows, Bloomberg reports.

Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

As the Netherlands heads toward a future with fewer cars, and more public transportation and two-wheeled vehicles, cities are building garages to keep streets clear of parked bicycles, reports say.

Amsterdam's underwater bicycle parking garage

“To reduce car dependency, you need bikes plus a high-capacity, high-efficiency, high-frequency public transit system,” Meredith Glaser, executive director of the Amsterdam-based Urban Cycling Institute, told Bloomberg.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

A second bicycle garage is also set to open near Amsterdam’s Centraal Station on Feb. 15.

Amsterdam bike parking garage

The additional structure will add about 4,000 spaces for bikes near Centraal Station, reports say.Mark Wagenbuur/Twitter

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