Jackson sentenced to 10-30 years in domestic violence case


Matthew Jackson addresses the court at Monday's sentencing.

Matthew Jackson addresses the court at Monday’s sentencing.

COLDWATER — Matthew Jackson, 33, will spend a minimum of 10-30 years in prison for what prosecutor Zack Stempien called, “the most significant domestic violence case that I’ve ever seen.”

Jackson provided the evidence, video surveillance in their Glenn Avenue apartment in Quincy, because he thought his girlfriend might be cheating on him.

Circuit Court Judge Bill O’Grady imposed the prison term after Jackson pleaded no contest to unlawful imprisonment as a second offender.

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Stempien praised the victim for following through with the prosecution because Jackson “just terrorizes and horrifically beats up on her. For her to have the courage to come to court and testify the preliminary exam and to continue to come to court and see this thing all the way through is really courageous.”

The case stems from incidents that occurred in September 2022.

On Sept. 17, Jackson scolded the victim for leaving her wallet in a store. As she went to the door, Jackson grabbed her from behind, slammed her to the floor and kicked her in the head. Jackson then grabbed her again and threw her on the couch. He put his hands around her neck to strangle her and punched her in the face.

On Sept. 29, Jackson shut the computer on the victim’s hands and flicked a cigarette and other objects toward her. He berated her, calling attention to her bruised and battered face.

Two days later, Jackson claimed someone was erasing video from his system. He grabbed the victim from the couch where she was sleeping and attacked her.

Neighbors called 911 on Oct. 1. Jackson fought with the Branch County Sheriff deputies who responded to the call.

After his arrest, the victim told police about the abuse.

Prosecutor Zack Stempien addresses Matthew Jackson during trial.

Prosecutor Zack Stempien addresses Matthew Jackson during trial.

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Jackson received a sentence of seven years and one month to 15 years for the strangulation charge, and 16 months to two years for resisting arrest.

“The defendant deserves every minute of the next 10 years he’s going to serve in the prison system,” Stempien said.

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