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Optimizing a website involves more than keyword research and on-page optimization. Having a robots.txt file will make your site’s crawling and indexing process more efficient, presenting searchers with more relevant and useful content. If you’re new to website optimization, watch this video to learn what is robots.txt, how it works, and how to create one for your website.

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🕒 Timestamps

00:00 – Introduction
00:30 – What Is a robots.txt File and Why Do You Need It?
02:13 – How Does robots.txt Work?
03:52 – Creating a robots.txt File in WordPress
04:10 – Using Yoast SEO
05:34 – Using AIOSEO
06:37 – Using Hostinger’s hPanel
08:07 – Using an FTP client
08:41 – Testing the robots.txt File
08:56 – Outro

🟣 What Is robots.txt and Why Do You Need It?
robots.txt is a file consisting of instructions for search engine bots. It tells them which directories they should or shouldn’t crawl.

🟣 How Does robots.txt Work?
WordPress will automatically generate a virtual robots.txt file with a default syntax. You will need to create your own to add more rules or edit the existing ones. Learn how you can do that in this video.

🟣 Creating a robots.txt File in WordPress
We will cover four different methods of adding a robots.txt file to your WordPress website:
👉 Using Yoast SEO
👉 Using AIOSEO
👉 Using Hostinger’s hPanel
👉 Using an FTP client

🟣 Testing the robots.txt File
Every time you modify the robots.txt file, test it first to avoid mistakes that can affect your website’s SEO. Watch how to do that using Google Search Console.

If you have any questions about what is robots.txt or how to create it, leave us a comment.

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