AI Driven Business Daily Live 21 Creating & Running a Business w/ChatGPT & Artificial Intelligence


Welcome to our AI Driven Business Daily Live Stream, where we continue our groundbreaking adventure of building and operating a business using the power of ChatGPT and AI technologies. In today’s episode, we’ll dive into various aspects of creating and running a successful business, driven by AI-generated insights and suggestions.

Join hosts Greg Flint ( and Jimmy Smith ( and as they tackle challenges, make key decisions, and develop innovative solutions using AI tools and techniques. Engage with us in real time, ask questions, and share your thoughts as we redefine the business landscape in the 21st century.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness the future of business in action and learn how AI can transform your own ventures. Subscribe to our channel and set a reminder to join us daily for our live streams, as we continue to document the entire AI Driven Business journey.


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