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Google now supports the site names feature on subdomains, Google said subdomains on mobile devices is supported. Site names are still not supported on the subdirectory level. Google wrote on Twitter, “Site names are now supported for subdomains on mobile devices.”

Google updated its site names help document to say they are supported for “subdomain level sites on mobile.” Google also updated the technical guidelines to now say it supports “ (this is a subdomain-level home page)”

Here is the old version (click to enlarge):

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Here is the new version (click to enlarge):

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As a reminder, Google told us subdomains were not supported for site names but were supported for favicons.

As a reminder, Google launched site names in October 2022 for mobile and then site names for desktop results in March 2023. Google recently had some embarrassing site name issues, which it pushed a fix for some (not all) shortly after.

Google, with this new announcement, started a thread where you can submit new feedback in this Google Webmaster Help thread where John Mueller from Google posted with additional FAQs and more:

Q: Why didn’t my site name change after I used the feedback form you had in April 2023?

A: The form was used to gather general feedback and helped us make some general improvements later that month that resolved a substantial portion of the valid submitted cases. We’re still working on other improvements we hope will help in other situations.

Q: Why is my URL is showing instead of a site name?

A: If your URL is showing rather than a site name, this doesn’t represent an error but instead that our systems aren’t confident enough to show a site name for your site. This can be for a variety of reasons and might change over time. Consult our guidance and ensure you’re making use of your preferred site name in the areas that help us determine this.

Q: Why is my site that’s in a subdirectory is not showing my preferred site name?

A: Site names are not supported for subdirectories (for example, is a subdirectory-level home page and cannot have its own site name). See our technical guidance for more.

Oh, this is the site name, the part boxed in for the search result snippet:

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Forum discussion at Twitter and Google Webmaster Help.

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