Do you want to make money by answering homework questions online? Making money as an online tutor is a great way to share your academic knowledge and get paid for it, and Studypool is the best place to start. Below is your quick guide to working as a Studypool tutor, where you can help students online while making great money on a flexible schedule.

What is Studypool? 

Studypool is an on-demand learning platform that connects students with verified tutors who can help them. Essentially, students can post questions for help with their homework and get answers from tutors like you! As a Studypool tutor, you’ll make money by bidding on and answering questions that students post.

Getting Started as an Online Tutor with Studypool

Signing up to make money as a Studypool tutor does take a little bit of time. Typically, the process for setting up your profile looks like this:

  • Verify your email.
  • Accept terms and conditions. 
  • Complete the application process, which takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

Studypool vets all tutor applications to ensure individuals are qualified to work on the platform. Aside from the application, you’ll need to answer three short-answer format questions to assess your knowledge and skills in the area for which you’re applying.

Teaching experience is not required to become an online Studypool tutor, but you must be either an active college student or have a college degree to become a qualified tutor and offer homework help to students.

Some subject areas that Studypool covers for its students are:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Accounting
  • Biology 
  • Art & Design
  • Math
  • Business & Finance
  • Writing
  • Psychology

Plus, there are so many other content areas! The only other things you need to start tutoring are a laptop or desktop computer and a stable internet connection. 

Ways to Make Money with Studypool 

There are two ways you can make money on the Studypool platform:

While these roles vary in terms of the work being done and how much you can make, I recommend trying both options to maximize what you’ll make on the platform.

Side note: If you’re a teacher or educator and have old lesson plans or educational worksheets you’d like to monetize, you can also explore Teachers Pay Teachers to make extra money.

Creating and Selling Documents to Make Money Online at Studypool

If you have old notes, quiz materials, study materials, and the like, then selling documents at Studypool is a great way to expand your income passively. You don’t need to go through the application process to sell resources on StudyPool either. The process is pretty simple, and it works like this: 

  • Upload high-quality, relevant quizzes, study guides, class notes, and homework documents directly onto the Studypool platform.
  • Studypool reviews the content for quality and relevancy. Typically, it takes about 48 hours for content to be approved through their system. 
  • Students can view your documents once approved.
  • You get paid $10 each time your resource is viewed. Payment can be sent to you through a number of different cash payment systems, including PayPal and Western Union.

Bidding on Students’ Questions 

Another way to make money quickly is through the Studypool online question forum. Here’s how it works: 

  • Get verified as a tutor through the completion of an application on Studypool.
  • Once verified, you’ll have access to a pool of questions students post on the platform. 
  • Bid on the questions that interest you. Provide a delivery time and a price for the student. If the student accepts, they will pay you in advance. Studypool holds your payment until the question is complete. 
  • While you’re working with a student, you’ll need to provide explanations and help the student solve their question within the agreed-upon timeframe. 
  • Once the answer has been submitted and the student approves it, payment is released to you. 

One of the best ways to ensure that you receive great feedback from students is to answer their specific questions within the time frame they provide.

How Does Studypool Make Payments?

You can receive payments from Studypool in several ways. Some of the most popular payment options offered are PayPal, Transferwise, and Western Union.

Once tutoring is complete, Studypool will process your payment within three business days. You need a minimum of $50 to withdraw the earnings from your Studypool account.

How Much Money Can I Make as an Online Tutor?

Tutors can make great money on a platform like Studypool. According to Studypool’s website, top earners make $7,500 a month. That’s outstanding for tutoring or for posting documents online!

Salary postings on sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed show tutors making an average of over $2,000 monthly. Of course, these numbers will vary depending on how much you’d like to work and how much you charge per question.

A critical component of making money as a Studypool tutor is building credibility through high ratings and good feedback from students, as well as getting repeat customers. The more bids that get accepted, the better your chance of making more money on the platform.

Studypool retains a 15%-30% commission on each question you answer. Typically, though, the more active you are on the platform as a tutor, the lower the commission fee you’ll be charged. Studypool tutors who answer more than 100 questions are generally given a lower commission rate.

Repeat clients will help with this lower commission as well. As you establish relationships with students, you’ll get selected on a more consistent basis to help them.

What are the Best Times of Year to be a Studypool Tutor?

Due to the nature of the platform, it’s best to consider seasonality when looking to make money as an online tutor. In any case, the best times to be an online tutor typically occur during active school semesters. 

Here’s a quick reference guide for the best times to be on this platform: 

  • February to June – Busy
  • Summer – Less Busy
  • September to Mid-December – Busy
  • Mid-December to Mid-January – Very quiet

The best time to answer questions and help students is during the most active months, as there is more activity on the platform.

You may want to put in higher bids in the slower months to maintain the earnings you’d make in the busier months.

The slower months also provide an excellent opportunity to connect with students and build relationships, helping strengthen your account and increase your sales. 

The Benefits of Being a Studypool Tutor

There are several benefits of making money as an online tutor with Studypool! Here are a few that we absolutely love: 

  • Ease of use: The Studypool platform automatically connects you with students.
  • Flexibility: You can work whenever it fits into your schedule. You also have the option of working full-time. 
  • Tax Benefits: Even if you work as a tutor full-time, you still work as an independent contractor at Studypool. As an independent contractor, you can be eligible for certain tax deductions. Be sure to fully understand your tax obligations as an independent contractor.
  • Protection on the platform: Studypool prides itself on ensuring that tutors are protected from scammers and students who might be trying to get information for free. Students are required to pay tutors before you give them help, but there have been cases where students try to state that the provided answer didn’t help them. In these cases, the moderators investigate to ensure you’re protected and paid.

Alternatives to Tutoring on Studypool

If there are not enough questions in your subject matter to make the money you need, here are some other online tutoring platforms to explore.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a platform where you can make money (up to $1,500 per month) by answering home questions online. In these independent contracting roles, you can work whenever you want, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. Course Hero offers a wide variety of subjects in the arts, humanities, languages, engineering, technology, business, math, science, and social sciences. To begin online tutoring with Course Hero, you’ll need to upload your ID and verify your academic credentials. For more information, check out this in-depth review from Real Ways to Earn


Another alternative to being a Studypool tutor is Study.com. On this platform, professionals in a wide variety of subjects complete tasks in lesson writing and curriculum design, Q&A homework help, research and copywriting, and reviewing and editing. Each assignment has different criteria, but you must be able to provide documentation of your expertise. Study.com hires independent contractors from the US and the Philippines, and you can create your own schedule.

Check out this post for more ways to make money by answering questions online.

Studypool Tutor Review Wrapup

Becoming a Studypool tutor has many advantages, from flexibility in scheduling and great pay to helping others with their academic questions. If you love helping students online, starting with Studypool is a great way to begin your online tutoring career.

Once established there, you can add other online tutoring platforms to your list or advertise your tutoring services locally. With the popularity of online tutoring jobs continuing to rise, it’s a great time to dive in and make money from home as a tutor.

Studypool receives positive reviews on Glassdoor (4-star rating out of 5) and Indeed (5-star rating out of 5). However, on Sitejabber, it only gets a 2.79-star rating out of 5, and on the Better Business Bureau, it gets a 3.76-star rating out of 5. Some complaints were from Studypool tutors, and others were from paying customers. Be sure to do your own research to see if being a Studypool tutor is the right side hustle for you.

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Originally published on April 25, 2022. Content updated April 2024.


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