If you have a passion for people and wellness and want the flexibility of working remotely, there are many different types of work from home healthcare careers you can explore. 

When I started working from home about 20 years ago, there weren’t many jobs to choose from. It’s incredible how much the remote landscape has changed in a couple of decades, and one of those changes has been in remote healthcare careers. 

Now, people trained in the medical field can get work from home jobs as nurses, medical coders, pharmacists, doctors, social workers, and more!

A female doctor, working from home, using a laptop to take a telehealth call and explain medication.

Many healthcare companies hire remote workers, and whether you need part-time, full-time, or freelance work, there is something for everyone! You can even start your own business consulting or do something else, like health coaching or blogging. 

The sky is the limit for job seekers who want a rewarding work from home healthcare job!

In this article, you’ll learn about some of the different kinds of work from home healthcare careers available, as well as hiring companies. 

Remote Healthcare Careers 

You may be surprised at how many healthcare careers there are for remote workers. Whether you’re a registered nurse (RN), have an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD, or even if you’re educated in health and wellness, you can use your expertise to earn an income from home!

Check out the breakdown of health jobs below!

1. Remote Nursing Jobs 

If you’re a registered nurse, there are many opportunities for you to work remotely. I know it doesn’t sound like there would be since nurses are typically hands-on, but in the world of post-COVID telehealth, many companies hire nurses to work from home. 

Whether you want to work from home in triage, case management, medical record review, health coaching, or education, there are many nursing occupations and companies to explore for these work from home healthcare careers. 

Companies that hire remote nurses: 

If you’d like even more options for nursing from home, check out our best work at home jobs for nurses article, where we delve into the topic even more!

2. Medical Coding Jobs

If you have a certificate in medical coding, this high-demand job could be right up your alley! If you’re intrigued by this kind of job but don’t have a medical background, the good news is that you can often obtain a professional coding certificate in less than 12 months. 

What do you do as a medical coder?

As a medical coder and biller, you’ll be tasked with examining documentation from doctors, nurses, and medical staff, ensuring it is accurately coded before it’s submitted to insurance companies.

Companies that hire medical coders:

Many companies will require previous experience, so if you’re brand new, you may find it a bit difficult to get a remote job right off the bat. However, a few don’t require experience to get your foot in the door with their companies, like Humana and Change Healthcare.

If you’re interested in medical coding as a career option, you’ll want to check out our medical coding article, which discusses this career option further. 

3. Medical Scribe

A medical scribe is a valuable member of the medical team. They are responsible for documenting encounters between patients and medical professionals in real time. 

A medical scribe documents medical histories, physical exams, and treatment plans and inputs the information into the patient’s medical records or electronic health record (EHR).

Medical scribes work in various settings, including hospitals, medical offices, and from home.

Companies that hire medical scribes:

If this kind of work sounds perfect for you, you should check out our in-depth article about medical scribe jobs from home

4. Work for an Insurance Company

If you want to work in the healthcare field but don’t have specialized training, you can work from home for an insurance company. Insurance companies hire a wide variety of people to work remotely. Some work from home insurance jobs include medical coding and billing, customer service, insurance agents, underwriters, fraud and abuse, sales, HR, legal, marketing, and many other professionals. 

Insurance companies who hire remote workers:

If this sounds intriguing, I recommend checking out our article about working from home with insurance companies for a detailed look at this remote option!

5. Pharmacists

A remote pharmacist can work from home and perform similar tasks as an in-person pharmacist. They explain how to use medications and work with doctors to ensure their safety and effectiveness. They may also verify prescription eligibility, process insurance claims, and review patient records. 

Isn’t it amazing what kind of work can be done remotely now?

Here are some companies that hire remote pharmacists:

For more about remote pharmacist jobs, check out our article about work at home jobs for pharmacists

6. Medical Doctor (MD)

Even as a medical doctor, you can work remotely. I’m telling you, the work from home field is booming, and this definitely includes the healthcare field!

MDs have several options for working remotely. You can work as a clinician, medical director, medical science liaison, educator, writer, content developer, physician reviewer, or psychiatrist! And if you’re still interested in patient care, there are plenty of roles for telemedicine physicians where you’ll examine patients using online platforms like Zoom. 

There are so many options for medical doctors!

Companies that hire MD’s:

More companies that hire medical doctors remotely can be found in our best work at home jobs for physicians article!

7. Medical Transcription

Medical transcription used to be in high demand and a viable way to make a living from home in the medical field, but we no longer recommend it. 

With the advent of electronic medical files, the demand and pay for medical transcriptionists continue to decline. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for medical transcriptionists will continue to decline by 4% from now until 2032. 

But, there are other fields where transcription continues to thrive, such as general or legal transcription. 

Curious about what transcription is?

As a transcriptionist, you’ll take audio recordings and transcribe them into written words. To succeed in this career field, you’ll need excellent listening and typing skills. 

Companies that hire transcriptionists:

For more companies that hire transcriptionists and to learn more about legal transcription, read our article about legal transcription jobs!

8. Social Work Professionals

As a remote social worker, you offer the same services you would in person but from your home office. 

Remote social workers will use programs like video conferences, phone calls, email, and chat platforms in their work. 

Although most of the world has returned to in-person care as the standard of care since the pandemic, many are still offering virtual sessions as an option to their clients and patients, and social work is no different. 

Companies that hire social workers:

For more companies that hire social workers, you’ll want to check out FlexJobs.

9. Counselor or Therapist 

Therapists are often thought to work in an office, but many now offer a telemedicine approach to their practice. 

Instead of meeting with your patients in the office, you’ll use video calls or even phone calls to communicate with them and help them with their mental and emotional health. 

Sites like Little Otter, VocoVision, BetterHelp, and Brave Health are great resources for locating remote therapy jobs. 

As a therapist, you typically need a master’s degree and a license in the state where you practice. 

10. Nutritionist and Registered Dietician 

Both nutritionists and registered dieticians can work from home. Nutritionists use clients’ health information and lifestyle goals to help them promote a healthier lifestyle. Registered dieticians go a step further and provide medical nutritional therapy and counseling to their patients. 

Instead of sitting across a table from your client, you’ll communicate online through video calls, phone calls, and email, using widely available tools. 

To find remote nutritionists and registered dieticians jobs, you’ll want to visit sites like LinkedInIndeedFlexJobs, and ZipRecruiter and use the term remote when searching. 

11. Virtual Assistant or Virtual Medical Assistant 

As a virtual assistant, you will run your own business. Therefore, you can promote your services to medical professionals like dentists, veterinarians, doctors, and more. The niche you choose is totally up to you. 

What does a VA do?

Once you narrow down your niche, you’ll know exactly what the providers in your niche need, and you’ll have a better idea of what services to offer and how much to charge.

According to WeWork, VAs charge anywhere from the low end of roughly $7 per hour and up to $62 an hour. In my experience, it’s reasonable to charge anywhere from $20-$50 an hour or up, depending on the services you provide and the niche you’re targeting. 

You’ll need to set up your practice as a business, invest in contracts and forms for clients, create a website, and market your business to attract your ideal clientele. 

I’d recommend creating a website with WordPress or Squarespace and including a portfolio, services, and rate packages page. 

For general VA jobs, check out the companies below:

Learn more about virtual assisting and find more hiring companies by reading our VA article!

12. Health and Wellness Blogger

With your medical background, not only are you qualified to write about health and wellness topics, but also your background will lend credibility to your writing, which will only help your blogging career. 

But isn’t blogging dead?

Not at all!

New bloggers are popping up all the time and making a successful career from their writing. You can, too!

So, what exactly is a blog?

A blog is simply a website where you write articles on any given topic. For example, this website you’re reading now is considered a blog. 

Some ideas of what to write about:

  • Mental health
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Holistic health
  • Healthy recipes
  • Raising healthy children
  • Weight loss and management

And this is just to name a few! 

There are endless ideas for the health and wellness niche. 

Consider what you’re passionate about and know a lot about, and go from there. 

Read this article for step-by-step instructions on how to start a blog.

I also recommend reading Holly’s article about how she has turned her blog into a full-time living!

A remote healthcare worker's home office desk, with a stethoscope, clipboard, and plant.

13. Health and Wellness Freelance Writer

Similarly to blogging, freelance writers use their skills and experience in writing content for the health and wellness niche. But the difference between the two is that a freelance writer crafts content for others, and a blogger writes for their own projects. 

Freelance writers are still in demand, even with the advent of AI. Many websites and blogs still hire freelance writers at a premium, and some of the better-paid writers tend to be in the health and business niches. 

According to KnowaDays, “In general, health writing jobs can earn you an income of up to $55k annually, while some health and wellness blogs may pay up to $2k per article.”

Much like blogging, the topics you’ll be able to niche down on are varied and many. 

Freelance writing niches:

  • Parenting
  • Mental health
  • Physical health
  • Food and recipes
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • and much more!

Where to find freelance writing jobs:

It’s a great idea to put together a website and a portfolio for your writing services, even if you’re applying to jobs and not just pitching articles. This will allow potential clients to view your previous work, services, and rates and get a feel for you as a professional writer. 

You can do this with WordPress, Podia, Squarespace, or Wix. 

If you’re interested in obtaining work via LinkedIn, I recommend you read our LinkedIn profile article, which offers a lot of advice on setting up your profile. 

And for more writing job sites, check out Elna Cain’s article about the best freelance sites for 2024.

14. Printable and Template Creator

Another option for healthcare professionals is to create printables or templates in health and wellness niches and sell them on their websites or Etsy. 

What is a printable anyway?

A printable is an item you make that can be printed at home by the customer. And a template is something you make that the customer can edit and then print. 

These are items you make one time and sell over and over again. 

You don’t need a degree in graphic design or even any fancy graphic design software. You just need ideas, the time to learn a site like Canva, and the time to make something incredible for the health and wellness niche. 

Printable ideas:

  • Self-care printables
  • Affirmation cards
  • Journal prompts
  • Fitness trackers
  • Mental health posters
  • Meal plans
  • Mood trackers
  • Recipe cards
  • Fitness challenge trackers
  • Wellness journals
  • Mindfulness planners
  • Anxiety workbooks
  • Pregnancy affirmations
  • Gratitude journals
  • Templates and printables for counselors
  • and loads more!

Check out this article about selling printables from home. Then, when you’re ready, read this article about starting an Etsy shop, which includes step-by-step instructions for getting a shop up and running. It’ll be a great resource for your printable shop. 

Remote Healthcare Careers Wrapup

As you can see, there are so many amazing work from home healthcare careers and business ideas for medical professionals to work from home. 

Whether you’re working as an employee or running your own business, the sky’s the limit!

I’d recommend looking objectively at your skills and experience and marrying that with your passions and interests to guide you to the best remote career for your needs. 

Wishing you the best with your remote healthcare career!


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