If you’re looking to make some side cash in your downtime, completing surveys can be an easy way to do so. Branded Surveys is one of many apps that allow you to complete surveys in exchange for cash and gift cards. This Branded Surveys review will go over the paid survey site in depth.

How Branded Surveys Works

Branded Surveys (formerly known as Mintvine) works with companies to conduct secure market research. Market research is a fundamental tool a company will use to help learn how to develop, change, and promote its products and services.

Finding individuals willing to voice their opinions can be difficult, so Branded Surveys works as the middleman to connect businesses with their ideal customers.

Branded Surveys claims that they work with many Fortune 500 companies, though it doesn’t specify the companies they’re doing market research for.

As a member of Branded Surveys, you fill out paid surveys and, in exchange, get rewarded with Branded Survey points.

When you have enough points from answering questions, payout options include gift cards, cash via bank transfer or PayPal, and charitable donations. Besides surveys, you can also answer daily polls and challenges.

But is Branded Surveys legit?

Can you actually make extra cash from spending your time answering questions?

This Branded Surveys review will explain everything you need to know to determine whether this survey site is worth your time.

The Sign-Up Process

Creating a Branded Survey account is quite simple. You can do it online or with your smartphone through their app. Using their app is the most convenient way to answer surveys since you can do it during your spare time.

You can join using your Google account or by making an account directly through your email. To create your account, you must fill out their profile surveys.

These profile surveys cover important areas of your life, such as work, travel, leisure, and more. Answer with as many details as you can so that Branded Surveys can get a good grasp of your lifestyle and properly match you with surveys.

Once you’re done with the profile surveys, you’ll be able to begin answering surveys. You will also receive a 100-point sign-up bonus just for creating an account and completing your first survey, equivalent to $1.

Also, be sure to update your notification preferences right away. Otherwise, you may receive survey notifications and emails daily for new surveys that are often filled up by the time you click on them.

Taking Surveys

After signing up, it’s time to take some surveys. When you open the app, you’ll have access to the dashboard, which will present you with the surveys you’ve been matched with. There’s no need to search for surveys; you’ll only be shown ones that you qualify for based on the answers from your profile surveys.

Before you start a survey, it will tell you how long it generally takes and how many points it’s worth. This will allow you to determine whether the survey is worth your time.

You’ll be shown three surveys at a time. New ones will appear whenever you refresh the app or complete a survey. There are always plenty of surveys for you to take at any time.

When taking the survey, answer honestly and don’t rush through it. After completing a survey, the client approves the answers and will disprove any that aren’t completely filled out. When the survey has been approved, the points appear in your account.

How to Get Extra Points

Surveys are the primary way to get points on Branded Surveys, but you can also do a few more things on the app to get extra points.

One of the easiest ways is to utilize the referral program to invite friends to join Branded Surveys. When your referral reaches a silver badge on the app, you will get 100 referral points.

You may also receive a promo code on occasion to redeem points. Promotions aren’t very common but are an easy way to get points, so be sure to redeem them when you see them.

Branded Surveys will also reward you for continuing to do a minimum of one survey a day. Depending on the length of the streak, a survey streak can earn you an extra 5-15% of points.

However, the best way to earn points is by engaging in Branded Elite—Branded Surveys’ special loyalty program.

Branded Elite Program

As you complete surveys, you get upgraded to different tiers—Bronze, Silver, and Gold. At each badge level, you get bonuses based on the number of surveys you complete weekly and monthly.

As a Bronze badge member, you must complete at least 2 surveys per month. When you complete 12+ surveys per week, you get a 5% point bonus.

For Silver members, you must complete a minimum of 10 surveys per month. You can also earn bonuses depending on the number of surveys you complete a week:

  • 12+ surveys a week = 20% bonus
  • 20+surveys a week = 12% bonus
  • 30+ surveys a week =14% bonus

To achieve the highest level of a Gold badge, you must complete a minimum of 25+ surveys a month. The bonuses per week are as follows:

  • 12+ surveys a week = 15% bonus
  • 20+surveys a week = 17% bonus
  • 30+ surveys a week =19% bonus

Leaderboard Bonuses

Another way to earn extra points is by making it onto the leaderboard. They have a daily top 50, a weekly top 50, and a monthly top 20. You can earn a bonus of 20-300 points on top of your current earnings for making it onto the leaderboard ranks.

When you’re in the leaderboard, you’re also entered into a daily, weekly, or monthly drawing to get bonus points anywhere between 50-1,000.

As you can see, you’re rewarded for consistency in Branded Surveys. Turning the surveys into almost a game evokes a competitive nature and encourages you to return to the app to complete more surveys.

How Long is the Average Survey?

The survey length varies greatly with Branded Surveys, but you are always told the approximate time each survey will take before you begin.

Most surveys are estimated to take 15-20 minutes. This can make it hard to do multiple surveys each day. It’s best to use the app during your downtime, such as watching TV, taking transit, waiting in line, before bed, etc.

How Does Payment Work?

Branded Surveys operates on a point system. Each point equals $0.01, and when you have reached the payout threshold of 500 points, you can cash it out for a value of $5.

You can receive your money directly through PayPal or your bank account (the US only). When you’ve cashed out your balance, it takes up to three business days for the money to appear in your account.

You may also redeem your points for gift cards of the same value instead. They have plenty of options for gift cards, including Visa, Airbnb, Southwest Airlines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowes, and many more restaurants and big brands.

You also have the option to donate the money to charity, allowing you to choose from a list of charitable organizations.

The point total is shown at the top of your Branded Surveys dashboard. The one-question polls and short questionnaires are a quick 5 points, while the higher-end surveys can earn you upwards of 250. Most surveys are below 100 points.

Who Can Join Branded Surveys?

Branded Surveys is available in the US, Canada, and the UK. Each country has its own gift card options, which you can check out based on your location.

Branded Surveys Review Pros and Cons


  • Small sign-up bonus of 100 points ($1). Other online survey sites may offer a $5 bonus or higher like Swagbucks offers a $10 sign-up bonus!
  • Surveys have limited spots and can fill up fast. Certain surveys can be gone in minutes, a common complaint of the site.
  • You can get lots of notifications by default unless you change your settings.
  • Surveys tend to take a long time for low payouts.
  • Withdrawals can take 1-2 business days to be approved; however, payouts for Silver and Gold members are instantly approved.


  • It’s easy to cash out. You only need $5 worth of points, which is a low minimum compared to other survey sites.
  • There are lots of surveys. If you have the time, you can fill out multiple surveys in one day.
  • Surveys are assigned to you, so you don’t have to look for ones you’re qualified for.
  • You can take surveys on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or using the mobile app.
  • The referral link bonus ranges from 25 to 300 points ($0.25 to $3.00) per referral, depending on your badge status and their badge status.
  • Most surveys pay $1-$3 per survey, but sometimes they have high-paying ($20) opportunities for highly targeted audiences.
A closeup of a woman typing on a laptop computer.A closeup of a woman typing on a laptop computer.

Other Popular Sites for Online Surveys

With market research, how many surveys you qualify for will depend on your demographics, preferences, and use of certain products and services. To ensure that you always have survey opportunities available to you, you can sign up with multiple survey companies.

Here is a list of survey platforms that have been reviewed on The Work at Home Woman:

Branded Surveys Review Wrapup

Branded Surveys is 100% a legitimate company. It is not a scam, and you will receive money for the time you spend taking surveys.

On Trustpilot, Branded Surveys has a 4.1 rating, with many excellent reviews. If you know what to expect from a survey site, you’ll likely be happy with what you find on the platform.

The points are on par with other survey sites. When it comes to survey sites, you’re not going to make lots of quick money. But you can earn around $25 a month by doing a couple of daily surveys.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not have a profile for Branded Surveys, but they have a 3.3-star rating out of 5 on Sitejabber.

Please remember, with surveys (market research); you are giving companies information about yourself and your preferences to share with brands. If you’re not comfortable giving out personal information, I do not suggest earning money with this method. You will also receive a lot of emails when you sign up, so consider setting up an email account solely for this purpose.

Originally published June 12, 2023. Content updated June 2024.

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