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Iran Attacks Israel: What We Know

Iran launched a large aerial attack on Israel and the territory it controls starting late on Saturday, firing at least 300 drones and missiles. It


Sydney Mall Stabbing Attack: What We Know

A stabbing attack at a crowded mall in Sydney, Australia, left six people dead and injured at least two others on Saturday afternoon. The rampage

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Google Limits News Links In California Over Proposed ‘Link Tax’ Law

Google announced that it plans to reduce access to California news websites for a portion of users in the state. The decision comes as Google


U.S. vows to support Israel’s defense as Iran launches drone attack

Iran launched drones toward Israel late Saturday, the Israeli military announced, and Iran’s state-run media reported that dozens had been fired. The Israeli army’s spokesman,


How did Satoshi Think of Bitcoin?

The following is an essay originally published on by Dhruv Bansal, CSO and Co-founder of Unchained, the Official US Collaborative Custody Partner of Bitcoin


Teaching refugee women to drive offers all kinds of freedom

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — In a large, empty parking lot outside Atlanta, one car slowly careened around parking spaces. From the passenger seat, driving instructor

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Python Integration to SAS® Viya® – Part 23

Welcome to the continuation of my series Getting Started with Python Integration to SAS Viya. Given the exciting developments around SAS & Snowflake, I’m eager

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32 Amazing Benefits Of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool that will allow you to better understand your website traffic. Whether you run a business, a news site, or


How to Become a Personal Coach and Work From Home

Do you want to help others achieve their goals? Becoming a personal coach might be your ideal work from home calling! Keep reading to find


Measuring Developer Productivity via Humans

Somewhere, right now, a technology executive tells their directors: “we need a way to measure the productivity of our engineering teams.” A working group assembles