Does your home consist of Apple products like the iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV? Are you tech-savvy? Then, a remote job with Apple might be the perfect fit for you. Here is everything you need to know about the five main types of Apple work from home jobs.

When you’re looking for legit work from home jobs, who you work for means a lot, and so does the type of work. Apple hires people to work from home in many different capacities. Keep reading and learn about the tech giant’s positions, how much they pay, how to apply, employee benefits, and more!

Apple Work From Home Jobs

With Apple, you don’t need to live near their Cupertino, California headquarters or an Apple store to be part of their team. You can work from home and still enjoy the benefits of being an Apple employee.

Plus, there are so many benefits to working for Apple, especially if you are really into new tech!

You’ll be the first to hear about new gadgets as they are released and receive discounts on Apple devices! Apple is also a company with strong values that embrace diversity and inclusion, environmental initiatives, education, accessibility, and racial equity. 

People who work for Apple say they love it because the company provides excellent job training and builds strong resume experiences. It’s also a lot of fun to help people learn how to enjoy their Apple products more, especially when you enjoy yours so much.

Apple offers five different levels of jobs: the first three are all remote, the fourth option includes remote, in-person, and hybrid roles, and the fifth option is completely from home.

  1. At Home Advisors (beginners)
  2. Team Manager (intermediate)
  3. Area Manager (top-level manager)
  4. Professional roles (experienced corporate roles)
  5. College Program (college students)

1. Apple At Home Advisor

The most common Apple work from home job you can apply for is an Apple At Home Advisor. This is the person who provides world-class customer service and tech support directly to customers. Yes, you can do this all from home!

What They Do

When people contact Apple customer support, they are connected to an Apple At Home Advisor. This person is the human connection to Apple. They respond to customer issues regarding Apple products and services. They provide customer service, troubleshooting, and technical support to customers who call them on the phone, over computer chat, or by email.

They answer questions about both iOS software and Apple hardware products.

Apple At Home Advisor Salary

Apple doesn’t list a salary on its official website.

Their official statement about how much they pay is, “You’ll learn more about pay and benefits during the recruiting process.”

However, employees have reported their salaries to Glassdoor. Beginners report earning an average of $44,000 annually.

Minimum Skills and Qualifications Needed

Since the entire job requires you to interact with customers and help them solve problems with their devices, you need excellent communication skills. It helps if you already know how to use an iMac and other Apple products, but if you are a fast learner, they will teach you everything you need to know in training.

You must have a passion for helping people and the ability to stay cool under pressure. You also need to be able to work independently without in-person supervision.

Finally, you need to be able to multitask and manage multiple systems and applications simultaneously.


There are lots of great benefits to working for Apple!

Both full- and part-time At Home Advisors receive a benefits package that includes product discounts and paid time off. Employees are also some of the first to hear about new products.

Full-time employees also receive a flexible medical plan, retirement benefits, self-development resources, and more.

Apple also pays for your high-speed Internet connection service if you work from home. On their website, they describe how much of your Internet bill they pay by stating, “We’ll provide reimbursements up to an amount we’ll discuss during the recruiting process.”

They also provide an iMac and headset that you will use exclusively for your Advisor work.

Apple is also an equal-opportunity employer that ensures that women earn as much as their male counterparts.


Apple will provide training that lasts about nine weeks. The training program is virtual, and you do it with a live instructor. In this training, you will learn about Apple products, advanced troubleshooting, and job-specific tools and processes.

You train and work from your home office – no commuting necessary!

What Hours Do They Work

Apple At-Home Advisors work during regular hours to help Apple customers. Apple support is open every day – even on holidays – from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Shifts vary based on customer support needs. Apple experiences a large customer demand for help on major holidays, so they have staff that works on those days.

To apply for a job as an At Home Advisor, search for available positions and apply directly on their website.

Note: For this role, you’ll need to have a quiet home office space with a desk and ergonomic chair. Your internet must be hardwired, no wifi connections are allowed, and it must have a speed of 10 Mbps for downloads and 3 Mbps for uploads. You’ll also need to pass a criminal background check.

2. At Home Team Manager

Do you have experience leading teams of people or management experience? Then this might be perfect for you!

What They Do

The At Home Team Manager manages a group of Advisors that they train, supervise, and coach. This job requires managers to lead regular online meetings with their team where they can hear pain points and help their team increase their performance.


According to Glassdoor, this is a salary position. Most managers earned anywhere from $85,000-$137,000 a year.

Other team managers reported they received a 25% discount on Apple products. The exact discount amount will be shared with you when you are hired.

3. At Home Area Manager

The At Home Area Manager is the next step above the Team Managers. There is more expected of them, which also comes with a higher salary.

Please note that these jobs do not open up very often.

If you are looking to become an Area Manager, I recommend setting up a LinkedIn job alert so you know when a position opens up.

What They Do

The Area Manager is a supervisor who oversees the Team Managers and helps them reach their potential within Apple. They also provide business-level consulting.

They are directly accountable for the success of their team managers. Area Managers must help the area managers achieve customer service goals in their teams.

This position requires at least five years of experience leading a technical support team. They must also have experience developing and mentoring team managers for current and future business needs.


This is the highest-paying job on the list. According to Glassdoor, Area Managers earn upwards of $153,000 per year.

4. Professional Apple Work From Home Jobs

While most Apple work from home jobs are phone-based positions, they do have many remote non-phone corporate roles available. They currently hire home-based employees in the categories of Machine Learning and AI, Hardware, Software, Design, Interns, Operations, Marketing, and Corporate Functions. To find the remote role on their website, under Location, choose your country and select “Home Office.”

5. Apple Support College Program

If you’re attending college and there isn’t an Apple Genius Bar close to you, you can apply to be a work from home Apple Support Advisor. For these roles, team members must be enrolled in college, have a 2.7 GPA, a typing speed of 40 WPM, and the ability to work 20 hours per week. In this position, you’ll assist customers with technical issues while providing top-notch customer service. These positions come with competitive pay, employee perks, and some benefits like paid time off and eligibility to participate in the company stock plan. 

How to Find Apple Work From Home Jobs

There are two main ways to find Apple work from home jobs. The best way is to set up an alert on LinkedIn so you are ready to apply as soon as a job you qualify for becomes available.

You can also browse jobs on Apple’s website and apply directly. To locate their job page, scroll down to the Apple footer (bottom of their website) and click on Career Opportunities listed under About Apple. Or click this link, enter your location, and add your keyword to the search results on the left-hand sidebar to find remote jobs that fit your skills and education.

Before you start looking for Apple work from home jobs, make sure you have an updated resume.

Young woman working on an Apple laptop eating an Apple working from homeYoung woman working on an Apple laptop eating an Apple working from home

Does Apple Have Part-Time Work From Home Jobs?

Yes, you can even work part-time!

They offer product discounts and paid time away to part-time employees too. When you work as an At Home Advisor – even a part-time one – you are joining a company that offers lots of career advancement and valuable training.

If you don’t know whether you can dedicate full-time hours, it might be best to start as a part-time employee.

Some reviews on Glassdoor state that employees struggled with work-life balance when they worked for Apple. When the busy season hits, Apple can change shifts, and hours might increase.

If you want more hours (and to earn more money), then this might be perfect for you! But, if you worry about feeling like you are working all the time, it might be best to start part-time first.

Skills You’ll Gain From This Job

Probably one of the best things about working for Apple is all the skills and experiences you’ll gain. Even if you don’t want to make this your lifetime career, you will learn so much from this job that you can use in future employment.

Apple has been recognized as offering the best customer support in the industry. As an At Home Advisor, you’ll learn how to provide this customer service. You’ll also learn more about tech – how it works and how to troubleshoot common problems.

They also train you in self-discipline and time management so you can be efficient without in-person supervision. You’ll also gain an understanding and mastery of tech systems.

If you start working as an Advisor, you have the potential to work your way up through the company. There are many opportunities for career advancement!

Are You a Good Match for an Apple Work From Home Job?

Whether you want something part-time to provide extra income or you are looking for a new career in which you can work from home, Apple might be the company for you!

The main characteristics they look for in qualified applicants are excellent communication and time management skills, the ability to remain cool, calm, and collected under pressure, and often the ability to work a flexible work schedule. If you’d like to be the friendly voice of Apple, look into their At Home Advisor positions. Not only will you get a discount on Apple products, but you will get the rewarding feeling of helping other people get the most out of their devices.

If you’re looking for other tech companies with work from home jobs, check out our articles on Google and Facebook.

Originally published October 14, 2020. Content updated July 2024.

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